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Geographic Ancestry
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Ethnic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Ethnic Ancestry
Which ethnicity is predominant in your DNA?

Historic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Historic Ancestry
The most probable origins of your ancestors

Maternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Maternal Haplogroup
Mitochondrial DNA mutations

Paternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Paternal Haplogroup
Y-chromosome DNA mutations

Celebrity DNA Matching. Ancestrum.

Celebrity DNA Matching
Discover characters with whom you share lineage

Neanderthal Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Neanderthal DNA
DNA contrast with archaeological sites

Y DNA Testing

Y DNA Testing. Paternal Lineage

Y chromosome, paternal inheritance


Paternal lineage is analyzed through the study of Y-chromosome haplogroups, which allows the study of paternal lineage. With our paternal haplogroup study, you will know your “ancestral father” and the time and geographical place of origin of your Y-chromosomal haplogroup, and therefore your paternal line.

A Y chromosome haplogroup consists of a set of mutations that have been originating on the Y chromosome over the centuries since the origin of Homo sapiens in Africa, about 300,000 years ago. The Y chromosome is inherited exclusively from fathers to sons, so only biological males have this chromosome.

Lineage DNA test: up to “Y-chromosomal Adam”


This Y DNA testing is therefore exclusive to males, but it works analogously to the mitochondrial haplogroup study. We compare the mutations we find in the genetic information of your Y chromosome with a reference containing the genetic information of all known haplogroups. Thus, according to the mutations that your Y chromosome shares with the reference database, we will determine which is your most probable paternal haplogroup.


Thus, the Y-chromosome analysis allows us to define patrilineal inheritance up to the first Y-chromosome haplogroup in Africa, the well-known Y-chromosomal Adam.


Do you want to know in detail what a haplogroup is?

Y DNA Testing

Our Y DNA testing: Technology + Science = Knowledge

Ancestrum’s algorithm, developed entirely by our interdisciplinary team of scientists and computer scientists, allows us to analyze large amounts of information. In this way we can cross-reference your genetic information with the large database of reference haplogroups and compare the mutations of your Y-chromosomal DNA with those of all known Y-chromosomal haplogroups. The result is that we can determine which is your original haplogroup, with the information of its geographical origin and historical moment.


Thanks to the Y DNA testing, at Ancestrum we contrast your information with that of our extensive database and we are not satisfied with using only scientific studies based exclusively on statistics to obtain the information of the origin and age of the haplogroup, as most ancestral genetics companies do. Our database includes many sample records from thousands of years ago, which allows us to contextualize and complete the information of your paternal lineage.

Understanding the Foundation of Y DNA Testing

Y DNA Testing is a revolutionary approach that deciphers the cryptic annals of one’s paternal ancestry, utilizing the scientific exploration of Y-chromosome haplogroups. This examination dives deep into the genomic recesses to trace back the roots of your paternal lineage, unfolding the intricate web of your ancestral fathers and shedding light on the pivotal events and interactions that have sculpted your paternal history.

The Essence of the Y Chromosome

The Y chromosome serves as the genetic repository of paternal inheritance, storing the myriad of mutations that have accumulated over millennia. It operates as the genetic compass guiding researchers through the elaborate maze of human evolution, offering insights into the migratory patterns, societal interactions, and historical contexts that have characterized the journey of our paternal ancestors.

The Journey through Paternal Lineage

Embarking on a Y DNA test ancestry voyage unravels the labyrinth of time, allowing individuals to witness the evolutionary metamorphosis of their paternal lineage. This exploration transcends the boundaries of time and space, bringing to life the myriad of civilizations, cultures, and societies that have intersected with your paternal lineage, enriching it with diverse genetic and cultural imprints. The odyssey unveils the evolutionary landmarks, illuminating the transformational epochs that have defined human history from the dawn of Homo sapiens in Africa.

Advancements in Y Chromosome Analysis


The innovations in Y chromosome analysis have enabled a more nuanced and detailed examination of paternal lineage DNA test outcomes. Ancestrum’s unique combination of cutting-edge technology and robust scientific research empowers individuals with a wealth of knowledge about their patrilineal inheritance. Our comprehensive analysis interweaves the intricate strands of genetic information, contrasting them with an extensive database of reference haplogroups, enriching the narrative of your paternal lineage with contextual insights and historical nuances.

Delving into the Origins: Y-Chromosomal Adam


The concept of Y-chromosomal Adam stands as the beacon in the exploration of y DNA testing. He is perceived as the common paternal ancestor, the point of convergence for all male lineages, a cornerstone in the human evolutionary journey. By tracing back to Y-chromosomal Adam, individuals gain a holistic understanding of their patrilineal heritage, experiencing the unified tapestry of humanity and the shared legacy that binds us all together, irrespective of geographical, cultural, or ethnic differences.

Enriching Knowledge with Accurate Insights

Ancestrum’s Y DNA testing harnesses the synergy of technology and science to generate accurate and enriched insights about one’s paternal heritage. Our meticulous approach surpasses the conventional methodologies that predominantly rely on statistical studies, delving deeper to draw correlations between your genetic information and our extensive database, enriched with sample records spanning thousands of years. This unprecedented depth enables a more rounded comprehension of your paternal lineage, contextualizing it within the broader spectrum of human history and evolution.

Contributions to the Understanding of Human History

Y DNA testing plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries of human history, offering glimpses into the evolutionary, migratory, and interactional patterns of our ancestors. The ability to probe into the y chromosome and decipher its encoded narratives enhances our understanding of human evolution and the cultural and societal amalgamations that have shaped the human race. The intricate insights garnered from Y chromosome analysis contribute significantly to the realms of anthropology, genetics, and history, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of human existence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insights does this test offer about paternal lineage?

Y DNA testing provides detailed insights into one’s paternal ancestry, revealing information about ancestral origins, migration patterns, and the historical and cultural contexts of paternal ancestors.

How is my haplogroup determined?

A haplogroup is a set of mutations in the genome located in uniparental chromosomes, which are those that are only inherited from a single parent to the offspring: the mitochondrial chromosome and the Y chromosome.

Throughout human evolution, a multitude of mutations have taken place in the DNA of these chromosomes, which have been progressively passed on to the offspring until the present day. Each time a new set of mutations occurs in an existing haplogroup, a new haplogroup is created. In this way, the scientific community, based on a multitude of studies over the last decades, has been able to determine how and where the haplogroups existing today have originated from other haplogroups prior in time, thus being able to establish an evolutionary relationship between them.

Thus, to determine your haplogroup we compare the mutations that we detect in your mitochondrial DNA or Y chromosome, and we proceed to compare them with a database in which we collect the possible haplogroups that exist and the set of mutations that define them, in order to check which ones we detect. Anyway, you will get more information about this in the ancestry test.

Can females undergo Y DNA testing to trace paternal lineage?

No, as females do not possess a Y chromosome, they cannot undergo Y DNA testing. However, they can trace their paternal lineage through a close male relative like a father or brother.

Why don't women have the Paternal Haplogroup category in the report? The scientific explanation.

The reason is purely biological, related to genetic inheritance. Females have an XX sex chromosomal endowment, while males are XY. This means that only biological men have a Y chromosome in their genome, inherited over the previous generations through the paternal line. Thus, females will never inherit this Y chromosome, so it is not possible to perform the analysis of their paternal haplogroup.

How is it different from other DNA tests?

Y DNA testing specifically focuses on analyzing the Y chromosome to trace paternal lineage, whereas other DNA tests may study autosomal DNA to provide a broader overview of both maternal and paternal ancestry.

How accurate is Y chromosome analysis in determining paternal lineage?

With advancements in technology and comprehensive databases, Y chromosome analysis can offer highly accurate insights into one’s paternal lineage, detailing the haplogroup origin and historical context.

Can it provide insights into health conditions?

While the primary focus is on ancestry, certain markers on the Y chromosome can be associated with specific health conditions and susceptibilities. Anyway, they are not shown on this test.

What is the significance of identifying Y-chromosomal Adam?

Identifying Y-chromosomal Adam provides insights into the common paternal ancestor of all males, offering a unified perspective on the evolution and migration of human species.

How does Ancestrum ensure the reliability of Y DNA test results?

Ancestrum employs sophisticated algorithms and cross-references genetic information with extensive databases, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the Y DNA test results.

Can Y DNA testing determine ethnic background?

Yes, Y DNA testing can provide insights into one’s paternal ethnic background and reveal information about the ancestral origins and migrations of the paternal lineage.

How has it contributed to the study of anthropology and human history?

Y DNA testing has unveiled intricate details about human evolution, migration patterns, and societal interactions, enriching the fields of anthropology, genetics, and history with invaluable insights into human existence.

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