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Ethnic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Ethnic Ancestry
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Historic Ancestry
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Maternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Maternal Haplogroup
Mitochondrial DNA mutations

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Paternal Haplogroup
Y-chromosome DNA mutations

Celebrity DNA Matching. Ancestrum.

Celebrity DNA Matching
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Neanderthal Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Neanderthal DNA
DNA contrast with archaeological sites

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How long does an ancestry DNA test take?

How long does an ancestry DNA test take?

Genetic testing provides valuable ancestry information by comparing different aspects of humanity, such as geographical settlement, different ethnicities or even Neanderthal DNA with your DNA sample. It may seem like a long process, as it is very comprehensive information, but at Ancestrum we have optimized the process to provide the results in the shortest possible time. Do you want to know how long does an ancestry DNA test takes?


How do ancestry tests work?

When performing a DNA test, the steps to follow from the moment you order the test until you receive the results are in the following order:

  • First of all you have to place the order online. On the Ancestrum website it is very simple, just follow the instructions. In addition, you can order it comfortably from wherever you are, since it can be done from a computer, as well as from a mobile device or tablet.
  • Once you have ordered the genetic test, Ancestrum will send it to the address you have provided. It’s completely free to any country in the world! The delivery time will depend on the destination.
  • When you receive the ancestry test at home, the sample collection is very simple and can be done at home. Inside the kit you will find the step-by-step instructions, you can also read them here.
  • Once the saliva sample is taken, you must send it back to Ancestrum. In the kit you will find an envelope to send it in, so it will also be completely free of charge. Again, delivery time will depend on the place of origin.
  • When we receive your saliva sample, we will get to work in the lab to obtain all the ancestry results on your DNA sample.
  • Once the results reports are prepared, always in the language you indicate, they are sent via email to the email address you provided when you register your kit, an essential step in this process. The results are usually ready in a few weeks.


This is how ancestral tests work and the step-by-step process. As you can see, it is very simple to order it, as well as to take the sample and later receive the results, since at Ancestrum we want you to be able to easily obtain all your ancestral information from wherever you are, at home, at work, or anywhere.

It is complicated to determine how long an ancestral DNA test takes, since this depends a lot on the shipment, which in turn depends on the place from where it is requested. What we can assure you is that it is a simple and fairly quick process.


How do you obtain each genetic result?

One of the advantages of Ancestrum’s tests is that with the same genetic test you get seven different results, which offer valuable information about your ancestry. But how are these results actually obtained?

  • Geographic

In order to know the historical trajectory of your ancestors, we have a database that includes an infinite number of samples of people whose ancestors have lived in a certain region for generations. Our methodology is based on the analysis of more than 700,000 genetic markers that we obtain from the DNA, which are compared with the database. The algorithm locates all genetic differences and similarities between your DNA and that of all reference samples and determines your ancestry and genetic roots with a high level of accuracy.


  • Ethnic

Genetic differences that may exist between different ethnicities or population groups will be related to the demographic history of each of these ethnicities. In the study of ethnic ancestry we consider a set of cultural, social, historical and genetic factors to define ethnic groups, and thus be able to trace from which ethnicities your genetic roots come from.

We use a robust statistical basis to design our algorithms and an extensive database of the more than 300 ethnicities we consider. With this, we are able to obtain personalized and reliable reports of the ethnic ancestry of your ancestry.


  • Historic

To obtain the results on historical ancestry, the genetic information is compared with an extensive database, which includes samples from a wide range of historical periods and geographical origins, in order to cover all periods of humanity. These samples come from archaeological sites where the genetic material has been properly preserved. Our algorithm, by which we obtain the final results of the report, uses a validated and optimized statistical basis for each sample.


  • Maternal

In this case, the maternal lineage is analyzed, in order to locate the “ancestral mother” from which your mitochondrial haplogroup arose. To determine your haplogroup we compare the mutations that we detect in your mitochondrial DNA and we compare them with our database, in which we collect the possible haplogroups that exist and the set of mutations that define them.


  • Paternal

To define your paternal haplogroup we study the DNA of the Y chromosome, the one that determines male sex, so that, from its genetic information, we can trace the origins related to your paternal lineage in our genetic ancestry analysis, and thus find your “ancestral father”. We cross your genetic information with the extensive reference haplogroup database, and compare your Y-chromosomal DNA mutations with those of all known Y-chromosomal haplogroups.


  • Celebrity

In this case, we again use the maternal and paternal haplogroups by comparing them with a database of celebrities, including relevant historical and current celebrities.


  • Neanderthal

To determine the percentage of Neanderthal DNA, we compare the analyses with samples from archaeological sites where Neanderthal skeletal remains have been found, as well as with different academic studies. In this way, we obtain an accurate and scientifically validated result.


Although we cannot define with accuracy how long an ancestral DNA test takes, we can explain exactly how our ancestral tests work, their process and the mechanism to obtain our comprehensive and detailed report of results. Find out quickly and easily all about your ancestry from Ancestrum.

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