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Geographic Ancestry
All your past on a map…

Ethnic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Ethnic Ancestry
Which ethnicity is predominant in your DNA?

Historic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Historic Ancestry
The most probable origins of your ancestors

Maternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Maternal Haplogroup
Mitochondrial DNA mutations

Paternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Paternal Haplogroup
Y-chromosome DNA mutations

Celebrity DNA Matching. Ancestrum.

Celebrity DNA Matching
Discover characters with whom you share lineage

Neanderthal Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Neanderthal DNA
DNA contrast with archaeological sites

DNA Ethnicity Test

More than 300 different ethnicities


An ethnic group is a human community that shares a series of socio-cultural traits, such as language, culture, religion, institutions, values, uses and customs.

At Ancestrum we have catalogued more than 300 different ethnicities worldwide in order to offer you a different perspective of your ancestral lineage from a more social and anthropological approach.

Discover your ethnic roots and gain a deeper understanding of your heritage with Ancestrum’s Ancestry Ethnicity Test. Our ethnic ancestry study allows you to know with which ethnic groups in the world your lineage is associated and allows you to contextualize in a much more complete way the origin of your genetic heritage, being able to understand the cultural, social, and historical characteristics of your ancestors, complementing from another perspective our geographical ancestry study. Our robust methodology and extensive database of genetic samples representing over 300 ethnicities ensure the most accurate and personalized report possible.

Ethnicity test: A more complete view of ancestry


Today’s humans are the result of a long, continuous and diverse genetic mixture among a multitude of populations throughout history, mainly resulting from migrations of different population groups in the world. Therefore, regional ancestry does not always coincide 100% with the current geopolitical boundaries, which were delimited and re-established throughout history, and reflects more accurately with which groups your ancestors were mixed. In this way, an ethnicity test complements geographic information and allows us to give you a more holistic and complete view of your origins.

In the study of ethnic ancestry, thanks to the DNA ethnicity test, we consider a set of cultural, social, historical and genetic factors to define ethnic groups, and thus be able to trace from which ethnicities your genetic roots come from.

Ancestrum’s ethnicity test: an algorithm tailored to your needs



At Ancestrum we use a robust statistical basis to design our algorithms and a large and detailed database of genetic samples representing more than 300 ethnicities we consider. With this, we can get personalized and reliable reports of the ethnic ancestry of your ancestry.

In addition, probably only at Ancestrum we can offer you an Ethnicity test kit that shows the most detailed regional ancestry and ethnic ancestry information as stand-alone studies, thus giving you a greater insight into the history of your genetic ancestry signals. Other companies can only offer you one of these two pieces of information or a mixture of both. Don’t settle for a generic report, let Ancestrum’s Ethnicity Test provide you with a personalized and in-depth understanding of your unique heritage.

DNA ethnicity test

Another view of your dna with the ethnicity test


The ethnicity test is just one of the seven reports offered by Ancestrum, the most complete ancestry test on the market. Get a more comprehensive view of your ancestry and find out what percentages you have of different ethnicities. Only Ancestrum develops such a comprehensive study.

Compare your ethnicity test with other parts of the report, such as the dna hisotry test, neanderthal ancestry, or geograhphic dna test and see how it all makes sense. Order your ancestry kit, that includes the ethnicity genetic test, and find out all about your roots.

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