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Ascendència geogràfica
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Ascendència ètnica. ancestre.

Ascendència ètnica
Quina ètnia predomina en el teu ADN?

Ascendència històrica. ancestre.

Ascendència històrica
Els orígens més probables dels teus avantpassats

Haplogrup matern. ancestre.

Haplogrup matern
Mutacions de l'ADN mitocondrial

Haplogrup patern. ancestre.

Haplogrup patern
Mutacions de l'ADN del cromosoma Y

Coincidència d'ADN de celebritats. ancestre.

Coincidència d'ADN de celebritats
Descobreix personatges amb els quals comparteixes llinatge

Ascendència neandertal. ancestre.

ADN neandertal
L'ADN contrasta amb els jaciments arqueològics

Test d'ascendència geogràfica

Què és l'ascendència geogràfica? 

Des dels seus orígens, Homo sapiens has been migrating across the planet, diversifying into different populations and cultures, which have interacted and intermingled with each other. Our ADN has been able to collect all this information and trace the historical trajectory of our ancestors.

The Ancestrum geographic ancestry test allows us to determine the origins of your ancestors on a geographic level. You will be able to know with which regions around the world you share ancestry signals, indicating, in a reliable way, the areas where your ancestors come from. You will get a summary of the genetic ancestry reaching you through your parents and previous ancestors.

Els teus avantpassats fa 800 anys

En la nostra anàlisi, amb una prova d'ADN geogràfica, retrocedim uns 800 anys de mitjana, tot i que no tenim en compte els darrers 250-300 anys, ja que considerem que no tenen prou influència científica, ja que són massa recents. . Per tant, no seria estrany que la informació del vostre informe d'Ascendència geogràfica no coincideixi amb el que sabeu dels vostres avantpassats més recents (pares, avis, besavis...).

This study is completed with our Prova d'història d'ADN, which covers from the Paleolític fins al Edat Mitjana. Between the two studies, we offer you your historical origins from up to 35,000 years ago.

Test d'ascendència geogràfica

Una prova d'ascendència geogràfica amb 700,000 marcadors genètics

Our methodology is based on the analysis of more than 700,000 marcadors genètics, which is compared with a reference panel, composed of thousands of representative samples from every geographical region today. The algorithm developed by Ancestrum locates all the genetic differences and similarities between your DNA and that of all the samples we have in our reference database and, through various advanced statistical calculations, it is able to determine, very accurately, your ancestry and genetic roots.

Gairebé 2,000 regions analitzades a la nostra prova d'ADN geogràfic

Tenim una àmplia referència a tot el món i, en total, tenim una mica menys de 2,000 regions definides per mostres representatives. A Ancestrum utilitzem una tecnologia única que és diferent a la d'altres empreses, que ens permet generar un informe més precís que la majoria dels nostres competidors.

In this geographic ancestry test, we study your ADN autosòmic, which reflects a summary of the genetic information inherited from your father and mother, who in turn inherited from your ancestors over multiple generations.

While genetics is not an exact science and neither are the results of an prova d'ascendència, the Ancestrum geographic DNA test has a high level of reliability and accuracy.

Metodologia sòlida per a resultats fiables

There are different methods and approaches to carry out the calculation of ancestry signals, which may yield different results. But the fact that different results can be obtained does not imply that they are incorrect. Factors such as the number of marcadors genètics used in the analysis, the diversity of the reference against which the markers are compared, the nature and complexity of the algorithm, and the statistics on which it is based influence these results.

A Ancestrum, entenem la importància de resultats precisos i fiables a l'hora de rastrejar la vostra ascendència geogràfica. Els algorismes d'Ancestrum incorporen una base estadística robusta que, sumada a la representativitat exhaustiva de la mostra de referència, garanteix la diversitat genètica de les poblacions humanes incloses, i l'alta densitat de marcadors genètics que incloem en el prova d'ADN geogràfic, ens permet oferir un resultat molt detallat i precís d'on és més probable que provenguin les vostres arrels genètiques.

Understanding the Process: Collection to Results

The process of the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test begins with the collection of a DNA sample, usually through a simple saliva swab. The collected sample then undergoes a meticulous process of extraction and purification in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Following this, the DNA is analyzed, examining hundreds of thousands of genetic markers.

Post-analysis, the examined markers are compared to our expansive reference database. This comprehensive database hosts a plethora of genetic information from populations across the globe, providing a backbone to determine your geographic ancestry with high precision.

Significance of Discovering Your Geographic Ancestry

Embarking on the journey of uncovering your geographic ancestry can be profoundly enlightening. It bridges the gap between the past and the present, offering a rare glimpse into the mosaic of your ancestral roots. Understanding one’s genetic heritage can instill a sense of identity and belonging, helping individuals forge connections to cultures, traditions, and regions that once seemed foreign.

Furthermore, exploring geographic ancestry enables the formation of a broader, more inclusive perspective of humanity’s intertwined history and shared heritage. It fosters appreciation and respect for diversity and multiculturalism, laying the foundation for mutual understanding and acceptance amongst various communities and societies around the world.

Benefits of the Ancestrum Geographic Ancestry Test

By utilizing the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test, individuals gain access to an unprecedented depth of genetic information. The insights derived from this test are multifaceted, providing not only a geographical mapping of one’s ancestry but also unveiling hidden threads of familial lineage, migration patterns, and historical contexts.

Moreover, the clarity gained from understanding your genetic ancestry can have practical implications, offering vital clues about predispositions to certain health conditions and illnesses, aiding in preventive healthcare strategies. It can also serve as a tool for building familial connections (not available in Ancestrum yet), allowing individuals to find and connect with distant relatives and explore their shared heritage.

How is Geographic Ancestry Different from Raça and Race?

Geographic ancestry delves into the històric and geographical migration and settlement patterns of an individual’s ancestors, highlighting the diverse regions and populations one’s DNA is associated with. It is rooted in scientific analysis and seeks to unravel the intricacies of human migration and interaction.

In contrast, ethnicity and race are social constructs, defined by shared cultural attributes, language, and beliefs, and are not strictly determined by genetic makeup. The confluence of geographic ancestry, ethnicity, and race contributes to an individual’s unique identity, but it’s essential to discern the distinctions between these concepts to avoid oversimplification and generalization.

Customer Support and Consultation

Ancestrum prides itself on offering comprehensive support and consultation services to our customers. We understand that interpreting the results of a geographic ancestry test can be complex and, at times, overwhelming. Our team of expert genetic counselors and customer service representatives is available to assist you in understanding your results, addressing your concerns, and providing guidance on your ancestral journey.

Whether you have queries about the technical aspects of the test or need help deciphering the multifaceted information presented in your report, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. We strive to ensure that every individual who chooses Ancestrum gains a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Future Developments and Continuous Improvement

At Ancestrum, we are continually striving to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our geographic ancestry test. We are investing in research and development to expand our reference database, refine our algorithms, and incorporate advancements in genetic science. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we remain at the forefront of geographic ancestry testing, offering cutting-edge solutions and insights to individuals seeking to explore their heritage.

We anticipate the integration of emerging technologies, such as intel · ligència artificial màquina d'aprenentatge, to further optimize our analytical processes and deliver even more precise and nuanced results. Our dedication to progress underscores our mission to empower individuals with a profound understanding of their ancestral roots and a richer sense of their place in the tapestry of humanity.

Ancestrum: Embrace your heritage


The quest for understanding one’s roots has been a timeless pursuit, and with the advancements in genetic science, the ability to unravel the mysteries of our past has never been more accessible. The Ancestrum prova d'ascendència geogràfica offers a gateway to exploring the diverse strands of your ancestral lineage, painting a vivid picture of your heritage and unlocking the stories encapsulated in your DNA.

By choosing Ancestrum, you are embracing a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, unveiling the rich tapestry of cultures, populations, and regions that have shaped your existence. The knowledge gained through this exploration extends beyond personal enrichment, fostering a deeper appreciation for our shared human experience and the boundless diversity that defines our world.

Geographic Ancestry Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test?

The Ancestrum geographic ancestry test boasts high accuracy, thanks to our robust methodology, extensive reference database, and meticulous analysis of over 700,000 genetic markers.

Can I find relatives using this test?

While the primary focus of the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test is to determine your ancestral origins, it can also provide insights that may help you connect with distant relatives. You can ask for your raw data file for getting family matching in third party apps (It is not available yet in Ancestrum).

How long does it take to get the results?

The typical timeframe for receiving the results of your Ancestrum geographic ancestry test is between 6 to 8 weeks, ensuring thorough analysis and accurate conclusions.

Is my data kept confidential?

Yes, at Ancestrum, we prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. Your data is securely stored and is not shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

How does discovering my geographic ancestry impact my daily life?

Uncovering your geographic ancestry can provide a profound understanding of your heritage, allowing you to connect with your roots and better comprehend your identity. It can strengthen your sense of belonging and enhance your appreciation for cultural diversity and family history.

Can I take the Ancestrum test if I know little or nothing about my family history?

Yes, the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test is ideal for individuals who may have limited or no information about their family history. The test can provide insightful details about your geographical and ancestral origins, irrespective of your prior knowledge of your lineage.

How does the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test compare to other tests available on the market?

The Ancestrum test stands out due to its robust methodology and extensive reference database. We analyze over 700,000 genetic markers and compare them with thousands of representative samples from every geographical region today, enabling us to generate a more accurate and detailed report compared to most of our competitors.

Is the geographic ancestry test suitable for individuals of all ages?

Yes, the geographic ancestry test is suitable for individuals of all ages. However, for minors, parental consent may be required to undertake the test. It’s a non-invasive test, usually involving a saliva or cheek swab, making it a suitable option for people from different age groups.

What should I do if I have trouble understanding my results?

If you have any difficulties interpreting your results, our dedicated team of expert genetic counselors and customer service representatives are available to assist you in understanding your results, addressing any concerns, and providing guidance on your ancestral journey.

Will the geographic ancestry test tell me about my health predispositions?

While the Ancestrum geographic ancestry test primarily focuses on determining your ancestral origins and genetic roots, it does not provide insights into health predispositions or medical conditions. For health-related inquiries, consider seeking a specialized genetic health test and consulting with a healthcare provider or a genetic counselor.

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