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Geographic Ancestry
All your past on a map…

Ethnic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Ethnic Ancestry
Which ethnicity is predominant in your DNA?

Historic Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Historic Ancestry
The most probable origins of your ancestors

Maternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Maternal Haplogroup
Mitochondrial DNA mutations

Paternal Haplogroup. Ancestrum.

Paternal Haplogroup
Y-chromosome DNA mutations

Celebrity DNA Matching. Ancestrum.

Celebrity DNA Matching
Discover characters with whom you share lineage

Neanderthal Ancestry. Ancestrum.

Neanderthal DNA
DNA contrast with archaeological sites

The Influence of Migration on Our DNA

The Influence of Migration on Our DNA

Migration Patterns: Stories in Our DNA Migration has been a constant in human history. From our earliest ancestors venturing out of Africa to modern-day movements, migration has shaped cultures, societies, and our very DNA. By examining our genetic makeup, we can...
Genetic Inheritance and Ancestry

Genetic Inheritance and Ancestry

One of the questions we receive most frequently at Ancestrum is: “Why do my Ancestry results not match those of my parents or siblings?” Although our logic might indicate that the results should be practically the same, science and genetics say otherwise....
Are Ethnicity and Race the same thing?

Are Ethnicity and Race the same thing?

Ethnicity and race are two concepts that are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. While they are related, they refer to different aspects of human identity. In this article, we will explore the differences between ethnicity and race...
A sneak peek of our ancestry test results

A sneak peek of our ancestry test results

Many of us know our family history through the stories that grandparents, parents, and other close ancestors told us. But what’s beyond those last hundred or two hundred years? If you are curious to dig into your most remote family history but have doubts about...
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